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Use PPC To Dominate Your Typo SEO Landscape

PPC advertising is not only great for generating sales and qualified traffic, it’s also the BEST possible keyword research tool available. While other keyword research tools offer a general “starter” set of keywords in most verticals, most only give general words and without demographic information. PPC data can be used for a whole lot more and is completely customized to your market. You’ve paid a premium for this data, now use it to your advantage…

With PPC, you can get detailed demographic data, hourly conversion data and of course what we are going to touch on here… typo conversion data.

PPC data comes with a huge bonus, conversion data. If you bid on typos, you can see what typos are actually converting. While the volume is usually a lot lower, over time, this conversion data can be very valuable in optimizing for organic search engine rankings.

Lets use the screenshot here as an example. If you were presented with this data, you can see that the search term “londkon hotel” over the past year and a half has had 314 conversions. With each conversion being valued at $80, that’s a little over $25000 in revenue for this “fictional” company.

If this “fictional” company was to organically optimize their organic rankings for for the search term “london hgotel” they would probably have seen zero results. If they had optimized for “londkon hotel” they would have seen some fantastic results. Assuming the organic number one position gets (a conservative) double the number one PPC result, that would be an additional $50,000 in revenue for this company. That’s just for one search term! More than likely, they wouldn’t have organically optimized for ANY typos.

Caveat: Bidding on typos in Google Ads and Yahoo will usually result in a poor quality score for those keywords.

Now, if we take this data and write a press release, an article and a blog post all containing links to the company site with the anchor text “londkon hotel” that would probably be enough to rank their site for that search term seeing there is much less competition for it. Organic search engine optimisation without conversion data for each keyword is not where you want to be focusing your efforts. Most online companies engaged in active search engine marketing know that and focus on their core keywords. This leaves the competition in the typo landscape for that niche much easier to compete in.

So there’s another good reason why SEO and PPC compliment each other. So while your competitors are eating each other alive in the PPC Pirahna tank, take a step back and see how you can take advantage. If you’d like to know more about how our digital marketing agency can help your business dominate in paid search, you should get in touch.

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