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Redfly Ireland’s First Google Ads Certified Partner

It is with great honor and excitement that I can announce that Redfly LTD, Redfly Marketing, has become Ireland’s first official Google Ads Certified Partner. While we are still an official Google Ads Qualified Company, Google has introduced a rigorous new exam schedule for certified partners and actually reduced the required managed spend.

The new qualification, despite it’s teething problems is a welcome step forward as I can attest that the new advanced exams are just that, pretty advanced. The past few days have been spent up late, studying and studying some more to get the advanced exams passed but we did it and it’s a very welcome birthday present :) Thank you very much Google!

An Google Ads Qualified Company has to manage a minimum of $100,000 per 90 days of advertisers spend and pass some simple exams. Currently, including Redfly, there are only 6 verifiable qualified companies in Ireland. This is being phased out over the next 6 months and Google will be replacing it with the Google Ads Certified Partner program which although has a lower spend threshold, requires much more difficult exams to be passed to achieve it. We are very proud to be Ireland’s first certified partner in the new program.

More information on the certification can be found here. Seems like they are planning to release a lot more certification programs and consolidating them all into one area. Info on the future partner programs can be found here.

I’d like to thank Jen, Arnold and of course myself for working so hard on top of their existing duties to pass the advanced exams (which do include some pretty advanced API questions!) and get us certified. Although due to known issues with the program not all staff are showing on our company profile page, I have been assured they will show over the coming days.

I am sure there will be a lot more Google Ads Certified Partners appearing in Ireland over the coming months, we’re just delighted to be first. Thank you to all our clients for their patience (and use of their account spend) to achieve this qualification. It means a lot to us.

Everyone is allowed on self back pat post per year right? This is ours for 2010.

Note: To those who already hold individual qualification status and are part of a qualified company, check your emails, Google are sending out vouchers to take the new exams for free.

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