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Google Global Extension For Chrome

Last week, due to popular demand, we quietly released the beta version of our Google Global extension. We have had some really encouraging feedback from you guys like “The only reason I’m still using Firefox is because of your extension”. Well now you can finally let Firefox go :)

The extension, while still in beta is a little more limited than the Firefox extension as a result of our lack of access to the new API. This means that country selection in search results will not be available through the context menu until the next release. For now, the region selection and settings are only available in the incredibly innocuous icon to the top right of the Chrome taskbar. Our user testing has showed that this is the best place for it and I think you will agree.

You can install Google Global for Chrome by clicking the image below which will take you to the official Chrome extension gallery.

If you install, use and like this extension, we would really appreciate if you could rate it over on the official page. Any feedback or feature requests are always welcome too (we are working on a Bing version, what are we going to call it then?!). If you would like to install the more complete version for Firefox, please head on over to Google Global page in our Internet Marketing Tools section.

Finally, we work hard to maintain these free tools. You would be doing us a huge favor if you could help us spread the word. Any retweet, stumble, Facebook share or a share of any social network of your choice would make us very happy and will drive us to complete the other free internet marketing tools that we have in the pipeline.

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