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Free $250 Google Adwords Promotional Codes

After logging into our Google Ads agency account this morning I noticed something quite interesting. It appears Google Ads qualified companies that were not eligible to give out free Google Ads promotional codes to potential and current clients because of their geographic location are now eligible.
*** Update *** We are now giving away €75 Google Ads coupons on our Facebook page here. Each week a random fan will be selected to receive €75 in free Google Ads credits!

Previously, promotional codes were only available in select countries but after calling a few industry colleagues in other countries, I can now confirm that they’re now seeing the same thing. Here is a screenshot of what is displayed in our Google Ads MCC account.

Although this is only available to be applied to new accounts (14 days or younger) linked under the MCC of the agency account, it is still a huge step further. If any new advertisers would like to get a free €80 advertising credit applied to their account, please either using this link, or have an account younger than 14 days and contact us to have your account linked and the credit applied.

We would prefer if these credits were applied to small business looking to get an idea of what Google Ads can do for them rather than affiliates chancing their arm.

*** Update *** We are now giving away €75 Google Ads coupons on our Facebook page here. Simply become a fan and we will randomly select a fan each week to receive a coupon code!

You should also follow us on twitter to find out immediately if you are selected.

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