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Charities And Marketing For Charities With Google Grants

I was tagged recently by Mr. Hearne earlier this week to take part in a charity blog meme that had been floating about and doing absolute wonders for the organic search engine rankings for charities worldwide. While we are RedFly Marketing are more than happy to participate, I would first like to call attention to a fantastic scheme offered by our favorite PPC giants Google. The free advertising for non-profit organisations or “Google Grants” scheme is an often overlooked yet amazing offer from Google that is testament to the “Do No Evil” mantra of the search Giant.

According to the Google Grants scheme home page:

The Google Grants Ireland beta programme supports organisations sharing our philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts.

Designed for Irish charities which meet our requirements and have been granted an exemption from tax by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, Google Grants is a unique free advertising program. It harnesses the power of our flagship advertising product, Google Ads, to non-profits seeking to inform and engage their constituents online. Google Grants has given Google Ads advertising to hundreds of qualified non-profit groups whose missions range from animal welfare to literacy, from supporting homeless children to promoting HIV education.

While many charities allocate a certain spend of their donations to marketing their cause online, many are not aware that a lot of that can be subsidized by Google and search marketers willing to dedicate their time, effort and skills to the cause.

With that said, and following Richards lead to further the the cause of helping charities, I would like to formally offer the services of RedFly Marketing to any charity who would like to apply for the scheme who needs help with the application process, consultation or guidance through the process and subsequent PPC management of the paid search campaign of your charity. Please feel free to contact us or give us a call about your online marketing goals for your charity.

Now, without further ado, I would like to get back to the meme. Here are the Charity links that I would like to add.

to the current list:

Here is the updated Charity Links file.

Finally, as is customary in a blog link meme, it’s my turn to “tag” some people. I would like to Tag Damien, Finola, Michele, Red Mum and Anthony. Come on guys, it’s for a good cause!

 *** UPDATE*** For those looking for a detailed rundown of how exactly to apply for a Google grant, please see the the fantastic Google Grants Application Guide by RB Digital Rodeo.

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