How To Write Your Google Ads Ads

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The basic steps to understanding Google Google Ads ads: why do they look alike, how to generate more traffic and improve your click-through rate, by writing better ads.

We cover the basics of writing an ad in our article “How To Setup Your First Google Ads Account“.

This article will tell you why ad copy is so important and how to write Google Ads ads that will bring you a high click-through rate and at a lower cost per click.

Why Ad Copy Is So Important

A great deal of talk in PPC advertising is about keywords. They help you with the efficient distribution of your ad. In fact, they place the ad right in the eyes of your potential customer. Most people would think that that is enough. But it isn’t. It takes a good ad for the potential customer to actually see it and respond to it.

Ad copy prepares the deal. The ads themselves aren’t enough to sell, they must be persuasive enough to make the user click the ad and visit your website.

Good copy can improve the number of clicks your ads receives against the number of times it is shown – your average click-through rate (CTR). A¬†high CTR is a great advantage when you bid by Google’s rules.

How Good Ads Equal Lower Costs Per Click

Everytime a user enters a search query into Google all the advertisers that have chosen those keywords are automatically entered in an auction, for every keyword in your Google Ads account you assign a maximum bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay per click.

However, the stronger your CTR on Google, the lower your bid needs to be in order to reach the higher ad positions.

Thus, Google Ads rewards you for high performing ads because it considers them more relevant to the person that makes the search.

Ad Copy Rules

Writing Google Ads ads is 5% skill and 95% common sense. The Google guidelines are common sense, too.

They ask you to observe grammar, spelling and punctuation. That should be easy.

Moreover, your ad copy should adhere to Google’s content policy or your ads won’t even have the chance to show up.

You may find it hard to work within the Google Ads ads restrictions in the beginning:

  • 25 characters for the headline
  • 35 characters per text row
  • 4 rows per ad (of which, one is the destination URL)
  • No pictures
  • No colors

But after a bit of practice, you’ll find that these “limitations” ease your work a great deal. You’ll see that it’s only the words you have to worry about.

However, if you want to expand your options and produce image ads Google Ads has this facility, however these types of ads are not shown on the Google search pages but on the Google Display Network instead. You can learn more about this in our article “How To Use Image Ads and the Display Network“.

Copywriting 1o1

Writing ads is the critical point in your PPC campaign. A well written ad will increase your traffic even from a low position. Bad ones will sink you.

Having an exhaustive keywords list and precise targeting settings is not enough, your words must do the targeting too. You don’t want people to click on your ad and not buy your product. Ultimately this is money wasted. A good ad will not allow people to click your ad “by mistake”.

Importantly, for the people that do arrive on your landing page you want them to buy your product, so you need to make sure that your landing page relates directly to the ad and that it too is a convincing. Never make a promise in an ad that you can’t keep, and always send your prospective customers to the part of the website they will be most interested in.

6 Steps to Writing Good Google Ads Ads

  1. Include keywords in your ad.
  2. Include phrases that relate to your keywords.
  3. Be as specific as you can (i.e. specify the city you serve).
  4. Stand apart through benefits, not through tricks and gimmicks.
  5. Think of your URL as part of the ad.
  6. Use common words.

Remember, you can watch this and other Google Ads Tutorials on our Youtube channel too.

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