How To Hire An AdWords Professional

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Hiring the wrong person to manage your AdWords campaigns could cost you money and with very little return. Save yourself from the trouble and do a little research and evaluation first.

You have two options: do the job yourself (manage your own AdWords campaigns), or hire somebody else.

Most companies opt to hire someone from outside the company, as it can be difficult to hire someone specifically for PPC management.  As the job requires both high level technical and linguistics skills it takes around six months to train someone to a satisfactory level, or, an experienced PPC person can cost your company a hefty salary.

How to Decide If You Need an AdWords Expert

It very much depends on:

The Size of Your Business

If you have a small, start-up business, a shoestring budget and a couple of free hours per day, we think it is equally wise to have in-house PPC management, or hire a small company that you know and trust. The advantage is that it allows you to learn the system yourself. Afterwards, when you have a general idea but you want to improve your results (or just plan to run more campaigns) you could go hire an expert. At this point you’ll already know how to negotiate with an AdWords experts and how to evaluate their work.

A midsize/large business might see things a bit differently. Definitely hire an expert for a couple of months, and use the expertise to evaluate whether the decision is adequate or necessary. Analyze the potential ROI at different levels of money invested — and only after that make it a final decision.

Your Own AdWords Expertise

Of course, when you know the game, and you really like it, it’s just not like you to have someone else doing it. Look for experts only if you think they can do more than you.

What Your Future Plans Are

If you want to focus on AdWords in the long run, having an expert will be a permanent, constant cost. You could decide to compromise however, by letting an expert set up your campaign and run it for awhile and in the meantime learn how to do it yourself, or have a person trained for this job inside the company.

What are the pros and cons of having an expert managing your AdWords campaigns?


  • Use your time for developing other areas of your business.
  • Better control over your PPC budget.
  • No more trial and error.
  • Lower the risk of failure.
  • You don’t have to go through learning anymore.
  • Could be a win-win situation and very rewarding for your business.


  • You become dependent on the expert.
  • You have to spend some time on finding the right person.
  • Pay more on the long run.
  • Trust. You’ll have to give away confidential data.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The most obvious alternative is allowing AdWords to bid automatically for you. There are however ups and downs to using such a tool.

Automatic bidding costs less and works more efficiently on your behalf. However, you may not have the knowledge to set all of the variables of your campaign correctly.You must still feed information to the AdWords account, which means you still need to know how it all works. Also, automatic process don’t sense all the things that humans usually react to, like the changes in the system, the competition etc.

How to Find a Good Expert

Basically, you need to know two things: where to look and how to evaluate.

Where to Look

Most Google certified AdWords companies and individuals are listed on the Google Partner Search and here you can search for experts in your own country and ones that will fit your budgeting needs.

As an alternative to this, simple research on the Internet can also help. Try searching for “ppc management”, “adwords management” or “adwords google management”. Pay attention to the ads that are displayed — there are plenty to choose from.

How to Evaluate

Evaluation should have two equally important parts:

  1. Check the background of the experts – who they worked for in the past, what their results were, how their clients describe them. The rule of thumb is – if someone is convincing enough to sell TO you, might be good enough to sell FOR you.
  2. Ask the expert to do some kind of evaluation report, over the different ROI levels you should expect at various costs.

What Price Should You Pay?

Your cost can vary quite much from one expert company to another. Some of them charge a percent of your advertising budget, just like any other traditional advertising company. Others have a fixed sum per month. Some charge the campaign set-up separately, others include that in the overall price.

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