How To Get More Traffic From AdWords

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Once you master keyword targeting and conversions, traffic volume becomes extremely important in your AdWords campaign.

We discussed about eliminating unwanted traffic in the previous article, but what about increasing your traffic volume, at no risk to your budget.

Volume and targeting are two instruments that should work in tandem. They help you fine-tune your campaign, to constantly increase profits.

The following are ways in which you can increase your ad exposure, without compromising on who you are targeting:

Google Display Network

In our previous article “How To Eliminate Unproductive Traffic” we discussed the importance of figuring out if the display network is suitable for your product and advised caution with regards to it. However, if you already have a long term search network targeted campaign you may be ready to increase the reach of your advertising.

If you are aiming to expand the scope of your advertising campaign the display network can indeed drive more traffic to your website. However, it is important to create separate campaigns for your search and your display advertising. Separate campaigns make it easier to manage, track and set specific budgets. This allows you to test and tweak your display network campaign without effecting your already successful search network focused campaigns.

When targeting the display network it’s also important to create separate ad copy. People seeing your ad on the display network are at a different stage in the buying cycle, it makes more sense therefore to write ad copy that creates awareness and that draws people in with information, rather than trying to use “buy now” calls to action or jumping right into specific product details.

You might also consider using image ads, treated slightly differently to text based ads. Image ads also have the potential to feature on the Google display network partner sites such as,, and much more. You can view the the display network partners here.

We discuss the display network in more detail in our article “How To Use Image Ads and the Display Network“.

Your Daily Budget

Being able to set a daily budget for each of your campaigns enables you to prevent huge spending during unexpected traffic increases.

However, if you set your budget too low you run the risk that your ad won’t show during all the searches that are relevant for you. AdWords automatically reduces the number of times your ad appears to make sure you don’t go over your budget.

If your budget is too low the following can occur:

  1. A random display of your ad to relevant searches until the budget is completed.
  2. If your budget too soon reaches its daily limit, your ad stops showing until the next day.

You definitely don’t want this to happen, because if your keywords and site really convert, setting a low daily budget is losing you potential customers, and overall it’s losing you money.

Make sure to check the recommended daily budget within AdWords.If you select a daily budget lower than the recommended amount, your ads can still show, but they won’t appear as often as they could with a higher budget.

Language Targeting

If your service or product applies to people of different languages, you can use this feature of your AdWords account. Another language is another target market, from where you can gain new customers.

You can improve your campaign by writing multilingual ads, and using all the new keywords that derive from translation.

Geographical Settings

Virtually, AdWords allows you to display your ads to Internet users worldwide. The maximum volume of traffic will be reached (obviously) when you opt for your ads to display in all 240 countries. Just be careful that you are indeed able to ship you product or provide your services to the countries you do target.

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match option is a good way to increase your traffic. Use it in combination with negative keywords.

We discuss keyword matching in more detail in our article “How To Plan Your Google AdWords Campaign (The Smart Way)“.

The most efficient ways to boost your traffic numbers are:

  • To expand your keywords list.
  • To increase the CTR (click through rate).

Both of these topics are discussed further, in the article How To Expand Your Keywords List and How To Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR). We also have some advanced blog posts on building negative keyword lists & increasing CTR for those with a thirst for more.

Remember, you can watch this and other AdWords Tutorials on our Youtube channel too.

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